As a global trading company, actively selling non-ferrous metals in over 70 countries together with our subsidiaries, we recognize the importance of embracing responsible business practices and sustainable development in accessing resources, markets, and financing.

The metals we source are critical to the decarbonization of the planet, and our business model is at the core of the Circular Economy: 100% of the products we sell consist of recyclable materials, and over 90% will be immediately recycled by our customers upon receipt, contributing significantly to the Circular Economy by promoting resource efficiency, energy savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, waste reduction and landfill diversion.

The dynamic landscape of ESG-related issues (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has driven us to rethink our strategic approach as we actively adapt to the evolving expectations of our stakeholders and changing regulatory standards. This ongoing dedication underscores our pursuit of continuous improvement and enhancement of our ESG strategy, positioning us at the forefront of sustainable and responsible business practices.

Join us on this transformative journey as we take meaningful strides towards a more sustainable and harmonious world.

We have issued the following documents, which are available to our stakeholders upon request by email to zinc@metaltrading.fr:

  • 2023 ESG Report
  • Responsible Sourcing Policy Report
  • Code of Business Conduct
  • Risk Management Report
  • Business Continuity Report
  • Information Security Report